Happy Bloody Birthday, Behind the Couch

Behind the Couch turns 2 years old today! 

Thanks so much to everyone who has swung by over the last year to share the good times, ride out the bad, celebrate the highs, endure the lows, gasp with delight at the absurd, marvel at the wondrous and swoon over Vincent Price. It has been a good year – there was even a book. Thanks to everyone who supported that and said nice things about it.

Here’s to the next year of writing about horror movies! May it be as wine drenched, bloody and erm, good as this one!


Unknown said…
you are invited to follow my blog
James Gracey said…
Thanks Steve. I shall politely decline your kind invitation though. I'm atheist.
Happy birthday :-), many blood soaked returns. I hope to be around blogging to celebrate many more with you. I've held off commenting on your F13th reviews, unfortunately I can't stand the franchise.
WriterME said…
Time for cake, methinks. Congratulations! :)
Congrats, James! Seems like just yesterday I happened upon your little slice of the internet. So glad I did, 'cause you rocketh much!
Keep up the stellar work - you write the best review this side... wait! ... on either side of the ocean ;)

Much love.
James Gracey said…
Thanks guys!

@Shaun: I know all too well that F13th is NOT to everyone's taste! But please. You don't even like it a little? Never tempted to stick on Part II when no one's looking? ;)

@Christine: Thanks Chris, you're too kind. And probably on your third glass of merlot!! ;) Much love right back at ya.
Marty Byrne said…
Sorry I'm a bit late to the party, I guess there's no cake left.

Happy Birthday Behind The Couch!!

Coffee and live music again soon? :)
James Gracey said…
I'm sure there's still a wee bit of cake around here somewhere, Martin. Failing that, coffee and live music sounds like a plan! ;)
lol.. of all the posts to get spammed on.. Happy 2 Year James!! Seems like we have all known you much longer now. Heres to many more years behind the couch!
James Gracey said…
Thanks Carl! Appreciate that. ;)

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