‘Back to the Lake’ with Adrienne King and co.

Last December Crystal Lake Wine was Wine of the Month here at Behind the Couch. The wine is produced by the Valley View Winery in Southern Oregon and is available in a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon – described as having 'the classic cab flavours of black current, plum, herbs, and peppers, perfectly balanced with a touch of vanilla oak and moderately firm tannins', and a beauteous Chardonnay (if that just happens to be your bag), 'loaded with flavours of pear, pineapple, and has a wonderful crisp finish. This is a perfect wine for your summer picnic!'

Or lakeside summer camp massacre.

The artwork adorning the labels was created by none other than Adrienne King – Alice from the original movie and its sequel. To celebrate Crystal Lake Wine, filmmakers Curtis and Dallas of DCWorldHome, have teamed up with director Victor Bonacore of Chainsaw Kiss Productions, and Adrienne King to make a commercial titled "Back to the Lake.”

"Back to the Lake" was shot at the same location as the original 1980 movie Friday the 13th in which Adrienne King plays Alice Hardy, the sole survivor of the Friday the 13th Massacre, and the first victim of Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 2.
"Back to the Lake" takes place on Saturday the 14th, the morning after the infamous massacre. While Alice is in her hospital bed waking up from what seemed to have been a horrible dream, we return to Crystal Lake where a late-coming, unknowing and probably quite hung-over camp counsellor seems to have stumbled upon a nightmare of his own…

Adrienne King reprises her role as the voice of Alice and narrates us through the lone counsellor’s nightmare in "Back to the Lake”, which you can check out here.

Crystal Lake Wines are planning a few events in May, including a Toast Across The Country on Friday 13th, May. Also, at the Maryland 'Monster Mania Convention' in June, DVD's of the commercial, complete with a 'Behind the Scenes' feature of its creation, will be given to patrons.

So, why not uncork a bottle, kick back and treat yourself to a lovely Spring Friday the 13th movie marathon. You know you want to.  



Unknown said…
James you are the best! Thanks so much. o get a bottle of the red stuff across the pond to you one day!
James Gracey said…
My pleasure, Curtis! Nice work on the trailer. :)
Jenn said…
This is exciting stuff! I need to get my hands on a bottle of this stuff eventually :)
James Gracey said…
It is indeed, Jenn. Good times for all lovers of fine wine and Friday the 13th flicks. Unfortunately for me though, I don't think they're able to ship overseas yet. :( Hopefully one day soon though!!
Cody said…
What a fabulous idea. You know I've been craving some Friday the 13th - even though I just re-watched most of the film recently. Can one ever have enough Crystal Lake? I love the commercials they cooked up for the wine. There is something about Adrienne King's voice-overs that is oh-so soothingly sinister.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the compliment Cody. Might be a Back To The Lake 2 in the works ;-))
James Gracey said…
Cody, I really don't think it's possible to ever have enough Crystal Lake!

Thanks so much for stopping by Adrienne, that's exciting news! Please do keep us posted. :)

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