Diabolique Magazine 14

Issue 14 of the deliciously macabre Diabolique is now available for pre-order.

A bi-monthly print/online horror magazine, the aim of Diabolique is to explore the various aspects of the horror genre - including film, literature, theatre and art - with a specific focus on gothic sensibility.

All manner of ghostly shenanigans and haunted happenings abound in this issue, including a look at the making of the Guillermo del Toro production, Mama, and an array of articles on Henry James's The Turn of the Screw and its various adaptations - including Jack Clayton's chilling classic, The Innocents.

There's also an examination of the history of haunted house films, a look at the dark side of love in classic horror cinema, an exploration of the history of Arnold Böcklin's Isle of the Dead, and a little something by yours truly on Hammer's new stage adaptation of The Turn of the Screw and the lineage of the Theatre of Horror.

Pre-order your issue here


systemshocks said…
Great that you are writing for Diabolique, James. Their gothic sensibility must be right up your street. Great magazine. I love their podcasts too.
James Gracey said…
Thanks Jon. I'm a big fan too, so was over the moon when finally able to contribute something. :)

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