Grindhouse Horror Double Bill In Belfast

Local indie production company Yellow Fever Films are hosting a Grindhouse movie double bill in Belfast’s Black Box on Sunday 15th May, with a screening of The Knackery and Isle of the Damned.

The Knackery is the eponymous extreme reality TV show in which a group of contestants prepare to fight to the death. With a reward of £1 million for the last player left standing, the stakes are high. They are raised even higher when a horde of flesh hungry, genetically modified zombies are unleashed to liven things up a bit… Unspooling as a vicious satire on reality TV, The Knackery poses the pointed question - How far will producers go to entertain their audiences? The pitch black humour and caustic parodying of reality TV echoes the likes of Series 7: The Contenders, Dead Set and The Running Man; whilst its tongue may be in cheek – it is wedged there pointedly.

Next up is the banned-in-492-countries grit-fest, Isle of the Damned! Private Investigator Jack Steele is hired by a mysterious treasure hunter to help him locate the lost treasure of Marco Polo. Steele’s quest brings him to a strange island off the coast of Argentina rumoured to be populated by a lost tribe of cannibals. As Steele and his small group of treasure hunters explore the island, they realise that the rumours are true and they must utilise all their resources to stay alive and make it off the island in one piece… But why do everyone’s lips move out of sync with what they’re saying!?? A grimy pastiche of Italian cannibal flicks, fans of 70’s/80’s exploitation movies won’t want to miss this. Best enjoyed with friends and liquor.

As well as the Grindhouse double bill there will also be movie trailers, including an exclusive trailer of YFF’s latest creepy horror film The Last Light, and a 3D glasses competition.

Date: Sunday 15 May
Doors 6.30PM
Adm £7
Venue: Black Box, Belfast


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