National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day and throughout the UK there’ll be all kinds of poetical shenanigans afoot; readings, performances, launches and such. Inspired by the famed exclamation of Coleridge's mariner - ‘Water, water everywhere’ - the theme of this year’s NPD is, you guessed it, ‘water.’

It will not, however, be the subject of the poems I shall be posting to this here blog throughout the day. No, as this is a horror blog, and as we’ve just entered the month of October, I thought it infinitely more fitting to share ballads, sonnets, limericks and odes of a somewhat more macabre nature: undead lovers, grisly murders, revenge wrought from beyond the grave, that sort of thing.

So let us go then, dear reader, you and I, and turn no more your head, because you know that a frightful fiend doth close behind you tread… 


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