Shameless Self Promotion: My book on the films of Dario Argento - due out THIS WEEK!

As Chuck Norris Ate My Baby and Paracinema have rightly pointed out, my first book - a guide to the films of Dario Argento - is due out this week courtesy of Kamera Books.

It is my hope that it will act as an accessible introduction to a general readership of Argento’s work – and will also appeal to his hardcore fan base.

If you feel inclined, you can pick up a copy from your local library or bookshop, or from either of these fine places:


Written last summer, the book is the result of painstaking research that involved watching, and re-watching, Argento's entire back catelogue (yes, even THAT one) along with a plethora of other stylish and badly dubbed Italian horror films that he was involved in the making of. Or just mentioned in an interview once. It was tough going, as I am sure you can imagine... And that was only after I managed to track down some of his more obscure titles. There was also the reading, and re-reading of a flurry of academia-soaked tomes by the likes of Maitland McDonagh and Chris Gallant (which incidently contains a damn fine chapter on Argento's misunderstood masterpiece Phenomena by Carfax Abbey's Matthew Coniam). The compilation of notes and very important opinions followed. This then bled into actually writing the thing. All of this was sustained by a passion for Argento's blood-drenched work; matched only by a feverish appetite for red wine.

So by the end of this week, the fruits of my labour will finally be available for Argento fans to devour and hopefully enjoy.

Some further information follows...

release date: 22 October 2009
price: £12.99
ISBN13: 9781842433188
binding: paperback
format: 194 X 135mm with flaps
extent: 160
images: + 8pp colour images
rights: world
BIC code: APFB

Deep Red regards.


Unknown said…
Wow! A book! That is quite an accomplishment, congratulations! You picked a great topic, which I'm sure left your work cut out for you. I will definitely be buying it for my brother for Christmas. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
and also
Anonymous said…
Hey James, Will be visiting Amazon directly to get my hands on your book. Can't wait to read it amigo.
Best, Craig
Mykal said…
James: Good on you, my friend! And frankly, shameless self promotion is the only way to go! I have had your book on pre-purchase from Amazon for a bit now and it will be shipped to me the moment available! Congratulations on a high achievement! -- Mykal
mge said…
You certainly deserve a chance to promote something you have put so much thought and care into, congrats on the release James!! And you certainly chose the single greatest topic in the history of cinema, a personal fav indeed ;)

Will be sure to add this to the wishlist immediately!
James Gracey said…
Thanks guys! I hope it lives up to all your expectations. As you can see - the publication date has unfortunately been pushed back (again). Keep checking back here for updates, which I will post as and when I receive them... A minor set back in my quest for world domination.

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