Argento Book Update

I received an email from the publishers (Kamera Books) to say they’ve had to stall on the publication of ‘Dario Argento.’ I’ve been assured that all is well and the book will be available soon.

Apparently this is quite normal in the world of publishing. A bit last notice, to say the least, so all I can do is apologise for getting hopes up.

Keep checking back here at Behind the Couch for updates – which I shall post as and when I receive them.

Thank you for your patience.

Sanguis Gratia Artis!


Matthew Coniam said…
I'll be getting one.
Mykal said…
James: Super bummer, but no worries. I'm in whenvever it gets to print. Must have been quite the let down at your end, though! Hang tough. Judging by your excellent work here, I am sure it will be well worth the wait! -- Mykal

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